U Shaped Summer Houses

Beautiful U Shaped Summer Houses

For anywhere in your garden

Bespoke U Shaped Summer Houses

Bespoke U Shaped Summer Houses

We can custom build a U Shaped Summer House to your specification and requirements.

Add or Remove Windows and Doors

Add or Remove Windows & Doors

As with all our buildings you can have windows and doors placed where you want them.

Bespoke Corner Summer Houses

Painting Service Available

We can paint your U Shaped Summer House in the colour scheme of your choice.

Some Examples of Our U Shaped Summer Houses

The Choice is yours

As you can see above we can produce our U Shaped Garden Buildings in many different variations. Image 1- has 3 sets of plain glass Doors, image 2 has French Doors in the centre section and Windows in the 2 bay areas (all with Georgian bar), image 3- has 3 Windows in the centre section and image 4 has 2 windows in the centre section.

It’s up to you how your building is configured.

Tell us what you want and we will build to your requirements.

U Shaped Summer Houses Specifications

Our walls come with Extra Strong Framing – 64mm x 38mm CLS, structurally graded timber & 2 Cladding Options.

Option 1) Tanalised T&G Cladding in either 19mm x125 or 25mm x125 with ‘FREE Breather Membrane’.

Option 2) Clean T&G Cladding in either 19mm x125 or 25mm x125 ‘with FREE Paint’. Please See our Paint tab for details.


If you want to Line & Insulate your building, we recommend Breather Membrane even with clean painted cladding. Lining & Insulating will give you approx. 91mm to 96mm thick walls, with higher thermal values than a comparably thick log cabin.

We can offer you free advice on Lining & Insulating your building or we can price it for you.

As Standard all of our buildings have: Structurally graded Roof Framing & Supporting Timbers.

Roof Cladding – 19mm x 125mm tongue and groove.

Roof covering: Green Shed felt, or you can upgrade to Felt Shingles in Red, Black Or Green.

Lining & Insulating your roof will achieve a thickness of approx. 91mm.

All of our buildings come with pressure treated Floor Bearers: 3 x 2 Tanalised Timber (plans available on request).

19mm x125 Floor Boards are also included as standard: Or you can upgrade to 25mm x 125mm T&G.

You can also insulate your floor, by laying 25mm insulation between the bearers.

As standard all windows come with: 4mm Glass, thick wooden frames and wooden features such as Georgian bar, or you can upgrade to double glazing for a little extra cost.

Upgrade 1) Wooden Frames with Double glazed units, with the wooden feature sitting on top of the glass.

Upgrade 2) Wooden frames with Double glazed unit with UPVC feature sitting inside the glass for easy maintenance. Available in White or Cream,

Upgrade 3) UPVC Windows & Doors, including the frames. (this option may change the look of the building).

You can choose your window design, size & layout, to achieve the look you really want.

Free Window Design Options: Modern Plain (as seen on the U shape & Contemporary)  Georgian Bar (6 Squares as seen on the Pavilion), Victorian Cross (4 Squares, No example yet), Mock Sash windows (as seen on the Victorian corner) Art Deco ( 2 to 3 Horizontal Bars, No examples yet)  Double French opening windows (as seen on The Chateau)

Free Layout Changes– Having less windows by adding cladding between the windows & Doors OR making windows shorter.

Changes at extra cost – Adding extra windows or doors, making windows bigger.

FREE GIFT OFFERS OF VALSPAR PAINT: with 100’s of colours to choose from…

OFFER 1) Every building comes with the windows & doors painted in 2 coats of Valspar, in the colour of your choice.

OFFER 2) We are also giving away a 5 litre Tin of Valspar Paint in the colour of your choice, with ‘Every Clean Cladding Building’ to protect and seal your exterior walls. (Please Note: This offer is not included with Tanalised buildings, we fit breather membrane instead,as you can’t paint tanalised timber until it is completely dry and faded).

All you have to do now is decide whether you want to paint your building yourself, or choose one of our Painting services.

See painting page for more details here

How to use the quotation form below

If you would like a written quote from us, just copy and paste or type your requirements into the form, making sure the building size options are all the same, fill in the other boxes, then press submit.

U Shaped Prices

W x D in 19mm x 125mm Cladding

16ft x 9ft – £3000

16ft x 10ft – £3100

16ft x 12ft – £3200

18ft x 9ft – £3350

18ft x 10ft – £3450

18ft x 12ft – £3550

W x D in 25mm x 125mm Cladding

16ft x 9ft – £3100

16ft x 10ft – £3200

16ft x 12ft – £3300

18ft x 9ft – £3450

18ft x 10ft – £3550

18ft x 12ft – £3650

Upgrades Available

Breather Membrane in walls

16ft – £150,   18ft – £160,

Thicker Floor 25mm x 125mm

16ft – £170,  18ft – £200,

Felt Roof Shingles

16ft –  £300,   18ft – £350,

Other options priced individually

Double Glazing, Bespoke Changes, Extra Windows and Doors, Garden Office Spec

The Bungalow Quotation Form

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