Rectangular Summer Houses

Rectangular Summer Houses With Style

Be A Little Out Of The Ordinary

Bespoke Rectangular Summer Houses

Bespoke Rectangular Summer Houses

We can custom build a Rectangular Summer House to your specification and requirements.

Add or Remove Windows and Doors

Add or Remove Windows & Doors

As with all our buildings you can have windows and doors placed where you want them.

Rectangular Summer House Painting Service

Painting Service Available

We can paint your Rectangular Summer House in the colour scheme of your choice.

The Lodge Summer House

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About the Lodge Summer House

The Lodge Summer House has a Rectangular footprint but has the doors set back in a recessed porch area which has an apex feature above it giving it a very appealing look.

Design Your Own Summer House

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The Design Your Own Summer House Concept

Why not design your own Rectangular Summer House to get the perfect Garden Building for you. These can be built to any size and you can place the Windows and Doors where you want them.

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