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Bespoke Summer Houses, Garden Offices and Structures

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Bespoke Garden Buildings Lincolnshire

Design Your Garden Building

If you have a specific design we can build it to your shape, size and specification.

Making bespoke changes

Adapt one of our designs

Or you can choose one of our designs and alter the specification and layout to suit you.

Garden Buildings Lincolnshire

We Keep Prices Low

We keep our pricing for our Bespoke Service as low as possible ensuring great value for money.

Bespoke Garden Buildings

Option 1

Here at Trendy Room Garden Buildings we give you a couple of options on how to go about getting the Bespoke Building you want.

The first method is by choosing one of our designs and making changes to it. This could be the size, amount of windows and doors, placement of windows and doors, the materials used plus anything else you can think of.

Option 2

The second option is where you have a particular design you want and it’s not one of our standard buildings. With this method you would need to tell us the details of the building, shape, size, cladding type etc. and perhaps send us a plan, drawing (by hand is fine they don’t have to be perfect) or picture of something similar. We can then work out a price for you and if required provide a simple CAD drawing to show you what it will look like.

Some Examples of Our Bespoke Work

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 1 is a Shed or Storage area that was built to attach to the side of a Log Cabin. This was a little more complicated than it looks as the Logs on a Log Cabin must be able to expand and contract (otherwise they start to separate) so we had to come up with a fixing method to allow for this.

Image 2 is a Summer House with an added seating and decking area looking over a pond. Inside the seating area are fitted benches that double up as storage making the most of the space.

Image 3 is an adaptation of one of our U shaped buildings. The bespoke changes to this Summer House were making the overall height taller and adding windows where the customer required them.

Image 4 is a Garden Office with a large under cover area with an open front that can be used for a multitude of things. It overlooks a swimming pool and patio to the front and lawn to the side.

Are you looking for a Summer House, Garden Office or Garden Structure

Then you might want to see the Garden Buildings we produce. We have many beautiful designs no matter what shape or size you are looking for. We also offer a Bespoke service to either adapt our designs or to build something that meets you specific requirements. The button link will take you to our home page where you can see more of our products.

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